About Metropolitan Land Group

Metropolitan Land Group was founded in 2006. Our goal is to build communities. We work to meet the needs of growing communities in Oregon and Southwest Washington by offering attainable housing for people at all income levels. The Metropolitan Land Group team guides projects through the land use, design and engineering process.

We start by identifying growing areas that have a need for safe, affordable housing. We find land that is well-suited to meet community needs, and we work alongside community leaders to convert that land into neighborhoods.

Metropolitan Land Group believes in the quality product we create, which includes thoughtful land use planning, community-oriented developments and a wide range of housing options. We partner with builders who we know will produce the highest quality products. We are proud of the communities we help bring to life.

About the Metropolitan Land Group Team

One of our greatest assets is our people, and we’ve created a company culture of collaboration and teamwork. Our team has the knowledge and experience to navigate the complex land development process. Our strong relationships provide the foundation for a well-connected team, built on a foundation of mutual respect, open communication and a common goal.

Each of our team members brings their own unique experience to Metropolitan Land Group. What we share is a commitment to working together to build communities.


Meet our Core team members:

John O’Neil
Managing Partner and General Counsel
Shannon Boyd
Chief Financial Officer
Desiree Uriarte
Accounting Manager
Jamie Stasny
Planning Manager
John Schmidt
Senior Project Manager
Darrel Smith
Senior Project Manager
Phil Batchelor
Acquisition and Finance Analyst
Nancy Cushman
Investment Analyst